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Thread: Trend from evacuated archives

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    Default Trend from evacuated archives


    I have difficulties with showing values from evacuated archive in the trend (values older than one month).
    I can show the values one month in the past (as it is configured in storage time).
    I checked the checkbox at "from backup folder" in "Create diagram" dialog but it does not have any effect - there is no values on the trend.
    I must say that directory ExportArv exists and it is full of *arx files.
    It seems like Zenon does know the location where to store evacuated files, but it does not know the location when I want to show the evacuated files in the trend.
    Please find attached screenshots of the archives and folders configuration.

    Best regards,
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails dir_conf.PNG   archive_conf.PNG  

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    Default Re: Trend from evacuated archives


    what does the time filter looks like within the picture switch function to the ETM picture, where the backup folder is used to get the data?
    Click image for larger version

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    So if e.g. a relative time of one month is set then from the backupfolder no data fits to be presented.

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    Default Re: Trend from evacuated archives


    Picture switch function on the button is defined with relative time one day in the past and the values are taken from the present archive (not from the backup folder).

    Then on the picture I manually change settings to take the values from the backup folder and with absolute time much more in the past than one month, but with no success. I don't get any values if I check "from backup folder" and it does not depend on how the time is set.

    I also tried to change picture switch function on the button to take values from backup folder with absolute time, but again with no success.

    As I mentioned it seems that Zenon does not know where to look when "from backup folder" is checked.

    Should I put the absolute path for the Exported archives?

    I use Zenon EE 6.22 SP1 build0.


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    Default Re: Trend from evacuated archives

    When using the option "from backup folder" at the extended trend, the runtime actually looks in the folder that is defined under "Backups" and not in the folder "ExportArv". Somehow this information did not make it into the documentation.

    If you move your .arx files to the folder you have specified in the project properties under "Backups", the data should be displayed.

    When you set the option to evacuate the archives into the ".arx" format, these files are moved to ExportArv folder. From this folder, you can archive these files, e.g. create a DVD or another backup medium.

    When you need to view a certain period, you can copy the files from your backup medium into the "backup" folder, and use the option "from backup folder" in the extended trend.
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    Default Re: Trend from evacuated archives

    I changed the path of the "Backup" to \ExportArv and the values are now visible in the trend.
    I don't know if this is the right solution, but is OK for me.

    Thank you for the help.


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