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Thread: Stability in zenon 6.50 build 3

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    Default Stability in zenon 6.50 build 3


    We are currently suffering from a lot of crashes in zenon RT and sometimes also the zenon Editor. This is our system config:

    2 servers (windows server 2008 SP2) with both zenon RT and Straton RT
    1 client (Windows 7 professional) with zenon RT

    in zenon there are 73 drivers (38 Omron FINS/35 MelsecA)

    We would like to know what is causing these failures. We don't see any error messages, just windows who tells us that zenon RT has failed.

    Best regards,

    Stephan de Wit

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    Default Re: Stability in zenon 6.50 build 3

    There are no known issues with the stability of the runtime in 6.50 SP0 build 3. Please report this to your local zenon support representative, in order to have this investigated.

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