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Thread: ZenOn Web Server and VBA?

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    nblanquart Gast

    Default ZenOn Web Server and VBA?


    I am currently working on a project which uses VBA. I found some problem while executing my project : the ZenOn Web Server seems not to execute VBA code.

    So, can ZenOn WebServer lunch VBA code?

    Thanks for answering.

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    When you install the webclient on a PC, by default VBA is not installed, and not enabled.

    VBA however is possible to run on a webclient as well. Please follow the instructions to install and enable VBA from your webserver installation DVD, in the "additional programs" section:

    Click image for larger version

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    Please note that the webserver itself, is only the relay between the webclient and the runtime server, and does not require, nor is able to use VBA. The webclient, being the equivalent of a runtime client, is the application that can use VBA when installed and enabled.

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