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Thread: Command Fenster - Ruckmeldung Action Darstellung

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    Default Command Fenster - Ruckmeldung Action Darstellung

    Zenon 6.50 Version - Sprecher.
    Ich habe ein Commnad Fenster gemeinsam fur allle Befehlsgaben im Projekt definiert.
    Die Tasten EIN/AUS sind Action1, Action2 zugewiesen.
    Im Command Group habe ich Nominal/Current value comparison eingehakt.
    Ich brauche, dass die Action1/2 Buttons eingfach beim anstehendem Ruckmeldungszustand grau sind und die Taste nicht druckbar ist.
    Kann diese Funktionalitat nicht im System standart integriert werden ?
    Muss ich VBA nehmen und eine interne Variable mit Ruckmeldevariable "futtertn".
    Muss ich Online Container verwenden, falls die Ruckmeldevariable sich beim offenem Command Fenter andert ?
    Bedanke mich fur Hilfe voraus.

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    Default Re: Command Fenster - Ruckmeldung Action Darstellung

    I answer in English because of probable international interest

    When you compare in Command window the behavior of buttons for Single or Double Command with the behavior of e.g. Replace (switching to alternative value, DE: Ersetzen) you will see that two buttons created for Replace On and Replace Off are changing the color and are locked and grayed according the current value of response variable. So, these buttons are reacting of any change of response value, but the spc/dpc command buttons are not.


    For security reasons. Imagine the response variable has value OFF and then, because of any HW problems, even though the switch is in real ON the response variable does not show it. How could you then give the command to turn OFF?
    Thus, we decided to keep both directions for commands available. And we are recommending to let it so in a project.

    To lock, gray and even to hidden a button in Command window you does not need VBA. You can use interlocking (from Interlocking modul or buil-in in Command Processing) to lock a button, set button properties to change the color dynamically or dynamically make the button invisible. Dynamically means according to actual value of a variable, e.g. the response variable. You can link directly response variable with interlocking or a dyn. color /visibility property of the button or you can allocate response variable to an additional internal variable and for such additional tricks use this internal one. Internal variable would be especially useful when you will use dynamic colors - then variable linked with button property should have these wanted colors defined by variable's limits.

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