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Thread: Backfilling alarms

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    Default Backfilling alarms


    We would like to know if there is any way to use backfilling with zenon. After connection failure we want to fill in the alarms that occured during this communication failure.

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    Stephan de Wit

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    It depends a bit on what you're after. Do you want to have alarms (with a alarm comes / alarm goes time that is in the past) in the alarm list? Or are you OK with entries in the event list?

    With specific drivers, and functionality provided in the hardware, zenon does generate alarms for changes which have occurred while there is a communication interruption. For this the driver must support external timestamping, and the hardware must allow for buffering of values while there is no connection.

    It is not possible to write or modify an alarm entry through the programming interface, like it is possible to write entries in the event list.

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