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Thread: Runtime Startup Windows Mobile

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    Default Runtime Startup Windows Mobile

    I encountered a problem whilst running a Zenon application on a Windows CE 5.0 pocket PC, when the X on the window is pressed the application keeps running in the background.

    I have read the help documentation within Zenon and found the following:

    If you quit zenon with X on a Pocket PC or on a Windows Mobile device, please notice that the application does not quit but keeps on runnning in the background.

    In order to avoid an additional start of zenon on your device, we have created the tool Start_CERT.exe which brings the application into the foreground if it is already running or otherwise starts it as usual.

    We recommend to start the Runtime on a Pocket PC or Windows Mobile platform by using Start_CERT.exe instead of a direct link.

    My question then becomes where can I find the tool Start_CERT.exe as this is not a file transferred to the CE device during the CE update and is also not transferred with the project file?

    I have also looked on the Zenon installation CD within the tools but dont apear to have this tool.

    any help would be great.

    additionally if anyone knows how to dissable the following from a pocket PC screen to allow the application to run full screen that would be a great help

    The taskbar located at the top of the screen, displaying application captions, user access to start applications.
    The command bar, also known as the menu bar, located at the bottom of the screen.

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    Default Re: Runtime Startup Windows Mobile

    take a look at your zenon installation directory on your PC, you should find a subdirectory called "CE" when zenon CE is installed.

    In this directory, you will find the "Start_CERT.exe" in the "WinMobile5_ARM" directory.

    Copy this file into the directory of your Windows Mobile device, where the "zenonrce.exe" application is located, and use the "start_CERT.exe" instead of starting zenonrce.exe.

    To permanently close the zenon runtime, please create a button with the zenon standard function "exit program". A runtime closed this way will not continue to run in the background.

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    Default Re: Runtime Startup Windows Mobile


    I think there is a setting on Windows Mobile Devices which can be configured to close applications via "X".

    Per default this setting is disabled, which means applications closed via "X" continue to run in the background.

    Had the same thing on my Windows Mobile (6.5) Device (Samsung Smarthpone).

    The setting is called:


    Allows the terminating of running programs by pressing the key "X".

    Best regards,

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