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Thread: Popup Window in Runtime

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    janlyndon Gast

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    I have two monitor (left & right), the right screen will only display annunciation alarms. see attached file.

    When i work on left screen like clicking a botton to show a popup edit window, i want that it will only show on left screen, however, most of the time the popup window is appearing on the right screen. The problem is the rightt screen can be far away from left screen, so it will be very difficult to drag the popup window back to the left every time.

    Can you help me fix this?

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails screen.pdf  

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    The 52" screen is probably the monitor with the number "1" in Windows. Currently this filter dialog for the extended trend opens on monitor 1.

    Depending on your configuration, it may be possible to swap monitor 1 and monitor 2 in Windows.

    With zenon 6.51, which is scheduled to be released later this year, the filter dialog will appear on the same monitor where the button is clicked to open the filter dialog.

    What exactly do you want to change in the filter dialog?

    Depending on which version you are using, there may be other ways as well, not using this filter dialog, to e.g. change time settings, or take over current filter settings from another screen (e.g. alarm list), or change / add another variable, by modifying the function with VBA before calling it.

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