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    I have made a worldview picture. When I try to completely zoom out by clicking the default control button 'Zoom min', it doesn't zoom out completely and therefore, I cant see the whole screen. When I relarge the frame shown in the STATIC Template area, then it is possible to see the complete screen.

    The control button 'Zoom out' uses the Zenon internal function 'Zoom min', which I can't edit or do anything. In the help, it says try editing the VBA under the class 'MDI Functions'.
    How can I edit this internal function? Where can I find this class MDI Function?

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    what are your settings for the zoom levels, see screenshot?
    Zoom min and Zoom max are related with this settings.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ScreenShot754.jpg
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    Also checkout the function "Picture move center.." where the zoom level can also be set!

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    Are your settings made default ?

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    Per Default, there are no zoom steps defined, see screenshot.

    Click image for larger version

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