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Thread: different fonts on CE

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    sebastiank Gast

    Default different fonts on CE

    Can I display different fonts on a CE device?
    There are 2 possibilities:

    1st: If you transport the font with the zenOn remote transport you can activate, if a ttf font ist copied, that it should be registered as well on the CE device!

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    2nd: You can copy the ttf file on your storage card and then please contact us ( You need a tool REGFONTCE.exe for your platform to register the font.

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    Default Re: different fonts on CE

    please note, that you must save the registry on the CE device persistently after registering the font.

    Usually devices offer a program in the start menu or in the control panel, to save the changes to the registry permanently.

    If this is not done, the font will work after the registration, but will stop working after the device has been restarted.

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