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    janlyndon Gast

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    Hello everybody,

    Our client wants a SCADA server (with server license), and operator workstation (with client license) and a communication failure happened between that server & worstation or the server fails, will the workstion can still functions though the server's gone?


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    is a zenon ENERGY Edition or a normal zenon Version in use?

    Because for a normal zenon Version no specific "Client" or "Server" licences are of existance. Only the modules and amount of TAGs in use must be licenced on the server, standby or client in the same way.

    With the ENERGY Edition there are specific Server and Client licences needed.

    The server keeps the whole data and has the connection to the process ( zenon driver running ). The client gets all the data, live and history, to display from the server. Also the data provided on a client, e.g. set value, is sent to the server to process it.
    I would propose to use the zenon redundancy, means to have a standby server and a server in place. The standby takes over in case of a failure of the server, in this situation the client switches automatically to the new server ( former standby ). This redundancy switch is completely without any loss in data.

    For further details I would like to point you to our online help F1 where the zenon network is descibed in detail.

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    janlyndon Gast

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    We will be using energy edition, Zenon sales agent in our area said that even if a com failure happens the client workstation will function normally, He said it' s a client but it's full fledged workstation. I have a doubt, can you clarify further?

    Note that the server is located in a control room, while the workstation is located in substation. Other than redundant servers solution, we want that workstation as a client could stand alone though servers is gone.


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