Scenario: Our Addin is using HTTP Requests to push data. There are multiple values required to successfully push a dataset. One of this values is being changed every few seconds and is triggering our BulkchangedEvent in our OnlineVariableContainer.
A few other values are NOT being changed very often in our runtime, but it CAN happen. Thats why they are in the onlinevariablecontainer aswell.

Issue: Those values all have initialvalues which should be used! But since those values do not really change on startup, the onlinecontainer never fires an event... so those values are set, but not used...

Are there possible ways to "invalidate" Variables and force a read to trigger the event?

I can only think of two solutions, which both are... not ideal:
1) Loading each variable by its variable name at the beginning (not very ressourcefriendly)
2) Instead of creating initialvalues, add a function which updates those values to their "initialvalues" after a few seconds after runtimestart (i dont like those workarounds...)

Thanks in advance!