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Thread: timeout in dnp3 driver

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    Default timeout in dnp3 driver


    How can we define below items in the driver configuration for dnp3 protocol like as modbus?
    1. Communication timeout
    2. Reconnect delay
    3. Communication retries

    If there is no any way for it, how dose the dnp3 driver consider them?

    also dose the zenon 6.5 SP0 dnp3 driver support unsolicited messages?


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    Default Re: timeout in dnp3 driver

    currently the DNP3 driver does not offer configurable timeouts.

    In case of TCP communication this is the TCP timeout of the operating system.

    In 6.50 the polling rate for integrity polls, and event data can be configured. A polling rate of 0 seconds means the driver does not actively request Class 0, Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 data.

    If the PLC sends unsolicited data, the driver will accept and process it. Unsolicited mode however, is not explicitely activated by the driver when polling for events is disabled.

    You may want to contact support for an updated version of the driver documentation.

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