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    I am using Scada system with Zenon. I have DNP3 protocol as slave and it's communicated properly with devices. But I can't receive alarm and analogs at real time. It's to late 10-15 minutes. I also used IEC60870-5 101/104 protocols that can transmit alarm and analogs at real time. Is there any additional configuration with DNP3 slave protocol?

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    Hmm, those 10-15 minutes sound like delivery by a very seldom integrity poll (or classless read?), not via unsolicited or by (frequent) class poll... Are you using (hopefully) zenon DNP3_TG driver or an older one? What are your settings about poll/unsolicited messages? And maybe check the variable addressing settings (more in Help). And, if we mentioning Help: in the driver documentation i would recommend to start in the introduction chapter with the definitions of important terms relevant for DNP3 protocol. 

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    Thank you for your reply. I'm using DNP3_TG. And poll/unsolicited messages settings is same as default. 

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