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Thread: WPF with code behind (update of changes behavior)

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    Default WPF with code behind (update of changes behavior)


    when I change something in code behind project, when I load xaml to wpf object in zenon Supervisor, no changes mades. First version of that xaml loads.

    If I change background at xaml only oproject, than that changes accepts correctly. So I suppose that that project updates correctly.

    If I load that changed version on new project in zenon project tree, than changed version loads correctly. And then repeats.

    How to inform zenon Supervisor, that changes made in code behind project?

    I had made: repick of project reference and clean, rebuild for both projects, deleted used wpf and xaml, dll form project.
    In WPF App, all changes in that 2 projects accepts correctly.

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    Default Re: WPF with code behind (update of changes behavior)

    I had deleted wpf cache xaml and dll file, and after that it works correctly. When I reload zenon Supervisor, seems chehe updated. M

    ay zenon Supervisor make it by it owns without reloading editor?

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    Default Re: WPF with code behind (update of changes behavior)

    Hi Oleksandr,

    you have to consider 2 things:
    1. You have to restart the zenon runtime/service engine. A relaod will not work.
    2. The .dll in wpf cache folder will be replaced with a newer one at runtime start if it has a higher file version.
      You may have to add a line in your AssemblyInfo.cs file:
      [assembly: AssemblyFileVersion("")]

    Now you are able to set a specific file version for the compiled dll.

    Kind regards,

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