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    Hi everyone,

    I interested with this article.

    It look like that i can create a checklist for the operator during the operation. However, I am not found any manual or function in zenon. I am using zenon 10 energy edition. My question is how to create this smart checklist? Is it still supported by the current version.

    Thank you.

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    Smart Checklist demands the use of zenon module 'Batch'. I do not think the Forum is the best way to ask for more information. Have you tried to press the 'Contact' button below this mentioned article (and/or download the Fact Sheet pdf)?

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    Hi Ursulak,

    Thank you for your reply. I am already read the brochure regarding the smart checklist. But somehow i can't find the configuration. Since you are already mention about the batch module. I am thinking my current version is not comply with the batch control module.


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