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Thread: Problem during driver iec870_103 implement

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    Default Problem during driver iec870_103 implement

    Hi everybody,
    I need your help!!
    Here i am going to communicate with some protection relays using 5-103 protocol, but when i used the simulator to communicate with zenon driver, i found the first telegram sent by the driver is "10 47 01 48 16", that means the function code is 7. Actually this function code is reserved in the IEC60870-5-103 standard, the simulator and the protection relays could not identify this function code, and the communication could not be established.
    Can somebody give me some advices?
    The used version of zenon is 8.20.
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    Default Re: Problem during driver iec870_103 implement

    The driver sends as first the 'Reset Frame Count Bit' frame like defined by the standard.  Why you think it is the function code 7?

    I propose you to contact your local COPA-DATA support and send the project backup (driver configuration), driver LOGs (including the DEEPDEBUG level, but of the driver, not of zenon Runtime...) and best - Wireshark sniff too.

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