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  1. internal variable configured as Network calculation but act as local

    Dear all,<br><br>I have taking over a project where 2 internal variable are used. These variable calculation type are configured in the editor as network.<br><br>But they act like the calculation...
  2. Re: redundant iec 104 gateway standby server disconnects

    thanks for the quick response.<br><br>Your interpretation is spot on of the problem. I 'm responsible for the configuration of 2 zenon (7.60) server with&nbsp; a gateway on the same vm. they act...
  3. redundant iec 104 gateway standby server disconnects

    Our system is built around 2&nbsp;scada servers.&nbsp;Both servers&nbsp;have a gateway function&nbsp;built in (they&nbsp;function as&nbsp;clients).<br><br>The idee is that different iec104 server...
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