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    Automatic Backup

    Hi Forum,<br><br>Its possible create an automatic backup of a Zenon project or workspace? And also of runtime files?.<br><br>Thanks.<br>Regards,<br>Jose
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    Re: Automatic Backup

    Hi Support,<br><br>We are interesting in automatic zenon project backup. Its possible in Zenon 8.0?.<br><br>Thanks,<br>Jose
  3. Network Traffic Report in Zenon

    <div>Hi Forum,</div><div><br></div><div>Our End-user is asking, if its possible get a "malicious or&nbsp; unusual network traffic across the SCADA (IEC104, ICCP and SNMP protocols)" REPORT in...
  4. Re: Historian evacuation to Microsoft Azure

    Please your help. This is urgent.<br><br>Thanks
  5. Historian evacuation to Microsoft Azure

    Hi support,<br><br>I have a question, we are implementing a SCADA for our end-user. In this instance, they need their licenses are prepared to evacuate historian to Microsoft Azure.<br>The...
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    Zenon in tablets

    Hi Support,<br><br>I want use Zenon in a tablet (Android and/or iOS) to control and monitoring a process (not only monitoring a few values in an app like Everwhere Server) as if I was in a Operator...
  7. Message Control with Attachment

    Hi Support,<br><br>How i can send an attachment via e-mail using Message Control? And what its the maximum size of the file?.<br><br>Thanks in advance for your support.<br><br>Regards,<br>Jose&nbsp;
  8. Re: Send COMTRADE in an e-mail

    Hi Support,<br><br>Any news?
  9. Send COMTRADE in an e-mail

    Hi Support,<br><br>I know its possible get COMTRADE files from IEC61850 relays using file transfer properties and also zenon logic (automatic reading). But, if i have already the comtrade file in the...
  10. Differences between Historian

    Hi,<br><br>What are the differences between the modules:&nbsp;Historian with SQL Export (ZM-ARCHEXP) and&nbsp;Historian SQL Server Interface (ZSQLSRV_EXSQL)?<br><br>Thanks in advance for your...
  11. Customized screen arrangement

    Hi,<br><br>Customer is asking me to configure a Customized screen arrangement for each user. It means, when User 1 log in, he could see the screen in a predefined order (for example: process display...
  12. Re: Reading COMTRADE files automatically

    Hi colleague,<br><br>Could you send me the project that you sent to&nbsp;<span style="color: rgb(62, 62, 62);">salman, please?. We need to do the same function (read comtrade...
  13. Remote OPC DA Server with Zenon OPC Client

    Hi,<br><br>We have to connect a Zenon Supervisor (OPC DA Client) with a third party SCADA (OPC DA Server) in the same network (actually there will be connected in the same ethernet switch). I was...
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    ICCP Control

    Hi Support,<br><br>We will use ZEE (master SCADA) with ICCP Process Gateway to receive signals from another SCADA (slave SCADA), but also we want to send commands to the slave SCADA (doble commands,...
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    Re: Zenon Reporting

    Hi Mark,<br><br>The question wasn´t for the differences between Report Viewer and Report Generator. The question was in other words:<br><br>When we bought a ZEE server license, the license include...
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    Zenon Reporting

    Hi Support,<br><br>Which are the differrences between the module:&nbsp;Reporting (read access) Report Generator + Report Viewer, include in the standard ZEE Server license with the additional module...
  17. Copy Extended Trend between clients

    Hi Support,<br><br>I created filters in my extended trends screen (see picture attached, for example: G3_YUNCAN) in my client computer. Now i want to copy these filters to another client computer (I...
  18. Integration of Alstom relays

    Hi Support,<br><br>Its possible integrate Alstom relays (like BM9100 or KMPC130) using K-BUS or another Alstom protocol?.<br><br>Thanks in advance for your support.<br><br>Regards,<br>José Luis Torres
  19. Polling Analog values each 1 second using DNP3.0 Protocol

    Hi,<br><br>We need pool Active Power and Frequency from a SEL-735 meter (Schweitzer) using DNP3.0 or other protocol with time stamp.<br><br>Our client ask us to save data each 1 second (no by...
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    Hardware Requirements

    Hi support,<br><br>We want change an exisiting SCADA to Zenon EE, but client wants use the existing computers (hot stand by system). The computers are:<br><br>- Model: UNO4683<br>&nbsp; Manufacter:...
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    Re: About Runtime License

    <span style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51); background-color: rgb(250, 250, 250);">Thank you for your quickly response.</span><br style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51); background-color: rgb(250, 250,...
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    Re: About Runtime License

    Thank you for your quickly response.<br><br>So if I buy a server license and also a client lincese, I can use the HMI (runtime) locally (with a monitor, keyboard and mouse connected directly to the...
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    About Runtime License

    Dear friends,<br><br>If I have a Zenon Energy Server License installed in a computer and I connect a monitor to it, i can see the HMI (in local mode), because server license already includes runtime...
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