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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Remote Transport - stop /start not working

    Mark,<br><br>Thanks for the quick reply. I understand now that the 'Zensyssrv.exe' transport service is not actually being run as a windows service! As it launches under the 1st user accont to log in...
  2. [SOLVED] Remote Transport - stop /start not working

    Hi,<br><br>I have a system where the remote transport is acting strangely... The 'transfer runtime files' is working fine, however the 'start / stop' runtime doesnt appear to do anything on the...
  3. Re: Zenon Energy Edition general and Cyber security query

    Jay,<br><br>Not sure if you've seen the section of the manual which covers some of these topics? Look in the help files under 'Zenon Security Guide'.<br><br>I have previously asked if there were any...
  4. Re: Sharing variables - remote projects

    Thanks for the feedback David.<br><br>We have opted to keep projects completely seperate as a measure to ensure that it is in no way possible to control one project from the other site.. by using...
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    Re: PRP in a SEL computer

    Jose,<br><br>We use the Win 10 IOT version of SEL computers and PRP does work. Unless you really need Windows server for some reason (eg running domain controller etc) there shouldn't be any reason...
  6. Importing screens / functions - orphaned objects

    Hi,<br><br>I have noticed when importing screens / functions from one project to another that we end up with 'orphaned' objects within the screens.<br><br>Is there any way to find out where these are...
  7. Sharing variables - remote projects

    Morning all,<br><br>For various project related reasons I have a requirement to have 2 separate Zenon projects running on 2 different pairs of servers. It was orignially going to run using a...
  8. Re: Hysteresis / Deadband for process gateway signals

    <br><br>Nevermind, I completely missed the 'Allocation' tool under variables. I have been able to map to a simulation point successfully.<br><br>I knew there must be a (relatively) simple way to do...
  9. Re: Hysteresis / Deadband for process gateway signals

    <br><br>Felix,<br><br>I hadnt considered zenon logic... mainly as I've never used it before!<br><br>I would ideally like to do this directly in Zenon as if we start having to use the logic editor,...
  10. Re: Hysteresis / Deadband for process gateway signals

    <br><br>Thanks Ursula. I have not used the SIMUL32" driver before... how do I 'map' the incoming signal to the simulated point?<br>
  11. Re: Hysteresis / Deadband for process gateway signals

    From a bit of digging through the driver manuals it seems math driver &amp; ADP cant use hysteresis. <br><br>Is there another driver type I can use to map temporary variables on to?
  12. Re: Command Processing with USINT data type from a DNP3.0TG driver

    Randy,<br><br>You need to set the 'use qualifier of command' in the command processing for each of your controls.<br><br>Set the qualifier to 2 to use trip/close.<br><br>See the manual page for...
  13. Hysteresis / Deadband for process gateway signals

    Hi,<br><br>I'm trying to achieve a 'deadband'&nbsp; on analogue inputs sent via DNP3 outstation from process gateway. Support have confirmed that PG doesn't have such a feature so I have requested...
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    Re: Align Static Text on Screen

    Sorry, 1= left.
  15. Re: Setting dyn proprties for BackColor & LinkedFont to indexed values

    I have got values which work experimentally.<br><br>For font it seems all you need is the dynProperties("Font") = 2 (or whatever the index is in the font table)<br><br>For the colour from the palette...
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    Re: Align Static Text on Screen

    Did some experimenting on this as I was curious while investigating a similar issue.<br><br>For some reason the values seems to be:<br><br>Left = 0<br>Center = 8<br>Right = 4<br><br>Found these by...
  17. Re: Setting dyn proprties for BackColor & LinkedFont to indexed values

    If I do DynPropertiesEnum("") for the particular object I'm trying to apply these to (a button) then I find that there isn't a 'LinkedFont' property, but there is a 'Font' property.<br>The font as...
  18. Setting dyn proprties for BackColor & LinkedFont to indexed values

    Hi,<br><br>I'm trying to set the DynProperties for an element but its not liking it as I'm trying to set them to 'linked' values.<br>
    elbutton.DynProperties("BackColor") = "8000000E"<br><br><br>...
  19. [SOLVED] Re: Problematically creating symbols - unique PropSymbolNumber

    Ok, never mind I have realised how to do this.<br><br>Instead of creating a blank symbol using elements.create, I used the .InsertSymbol method instead (it seems to assign a sensible...
  20. [SOLVED] Problematically creating symbols - unique PropSymbolNumber


    I'm using some code to create linked symbols on a screen & have run afoul of not using unique Symbol numbers (Dynproperty PropSymbolNumber).

    Is there a method to check for existing values?...
  21. Re: Multiple binary inputstest to analogue value

    Ursula,<br><br>Thanks for the reply.. I will certainly give that a try, although I was hoping there would be way to do this without using Zenon Logic... in the editor only. Is there at least a way...
  22. Multiple binary inputs to analogue value

    Can anyone give some thoughts on the best way to take multiple single binary inputs and convert them to an analogue value?

    We have a tap changer which gives us discrete binary output for each tap...
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    64-bit VBA code for file browse

    In case anyone needs to get a 64-bit file browser working here's how I got it to work (code adapted from code written by someone much smarter than me online).<br><br>I used this code for browsing...
  24. [SOLVED] Re: 32bit VBA editor not working, but 64bit does

    To anyone experiencing the same issue, this was fixed by uninstalling &amp; then reinstalling Zenon.
  25. [SOLVED] Re: How to programmatically set the reaction matrix?

    I've written a function to do this now, so will post here in the spirit of Cunningham's law..

    Public Function GetRemaIndex(RemaName As String) As Integer

    Dim i, j As Integer
    j =...
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