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  1. Re: Time synchronization have problem in the alarm list

    I have problem similar as above case ( one hour delay in dnp3 driver).

    This problem happens in my project When I checked “Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving change” in windows.

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    Recipegroup module in the standard RT

    My project needs to Recipegroup module in the RT but without the following function: save, save as, new, export/import and its page. Therefore my requirement is only Write function of Recipegroup...
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    Siprotec-Profibus DP

    I want to integrate Siemens Siprotec device with Profibus DP protocol by zenon Energy Edition software.

    is Zenon `Profibus DP protocol compatible with Siprotec relay?
    Is there reference project...
  4. Re: read-back user administration data by Transport

    Thanks your reply

    The “RT changeable data” checkbox is disable.
    If I change passwords for some users or create new user in remote runtime then read-back them by select “Read all Runtime files” in...
  5. read-back user administration data by Transport

    I need to read-back off runtime files before Remote Transport because some User Administration has been changed during runtime operations.
    I select “Read all Runtime files” after establishing ...
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    multiple Commands in one context menu

    I created 3 commands for each feeder, so I want to active them in one context menu when you right click on circuit breaker in runtime.
    The commands are as below and also include double and single...
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