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  1. Re: How can I find which server - 1 or 2 - is the current process server and which is standby?

    Hi,<br>You can use the system variable which is created by driver SYSDRV to get the name of the primary server, and then create a string type combined element to display the expected text based on...
  2. Problem during driver iec870_103 implement

    Hi everybody,
    I need your help!!
    Here i am going to communicate with some protection relays using 5-103 protocol, but when i used the simulator to communicate with zenon driver, i found the first...
  3. IEC870-104 master TLS encrypted communication

    Hi every body,<br>Here we need to use IEC-60870-5-104 to communiate with another system, the customer request&nbsp;<span class="fontstyle0">TLS encrypted communication.<br></span>I checked the driver...
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