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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Process Gateway OPC UA used to initiate IEC61850 Double Commands

    zenon process Gateways which are supporting the feature of Select routing - IEC870 Slave and DNP3 Outstation - are supporting it via use of auto/remote-actions of Command Processing. Other Process...
  2. Re: Issue launching script via REMA instant function

    I suppose the origin of difficulties are that the zenon function 'redundancy switch' works only if executed on 'Server 2', whatever Server 2 currently is: process server or standby server. This...
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    Re: Reaction matrix condition time hysteresis

    sorry, i'm not sure what you want. When&nbsp;do you want to produce new&nbsp;CEL entry? <br>Assuming a BOOL variable got value 1 and it shall result&nbsp;after 10s delayed&nbsp;in a new CEL...
  4. Re: Issue launching script via REMA instant function

    If it&nbsp;would be better to run zenPG on network&nbsp;server or on client depends on zenPG. In case of IEC870Slave,&nbsp;Modbus etc. I would recommend a dedicated client, in case of DNP3 - the...
  5. Re: Process Gateway working status in Runtime

    The way to make&nbsp;a "watchdog mechanism"&nbsp;checking if the (independent) Process Gateway application is still running and responding correctly -&nbsp;depends on communication...
  6. Re: Issue launching script via REMA instant function

    The evaluation place of the rema depends on variable - if variable is network or local for PC. <br>By network variables - so process variables, intern with calculation 'network', MATHDRV, most (but...
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    Re: Zenon directly with ABB PLC

    yes, in zenon for communication with Modbus devices via TCP/IP&nbsp;you can use driver MODRTU.<br><br>I propose you to make the online&nbsp;basic training in zenon.
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    Re: Change text by numeric variable

    out of the box? hmm, maybe previously the&nbsp;project wizard was creating another screen element - not numerical but combined element or list-box - writing text instead of number; or this sysdrv...
  9. Re: Issue launching script via REMA instant function

    How is the configuration of the&nbsp;property 'Execution'&nbsp;of function executing the script? <br>Is shall be&nbsp;configured - like by 'redundancy switch' function - the "standby...
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    Re: Interface to KNX device

    <span style="color: rgb(105, 105, 105);">&gt; [..] Zenon supervisor can not import the esf file. File format supported the *DB format.</span><br><br>The files&nbsp;ESF&nbsp;are to import&nbsp;in driver,...
  11. Re: Modbus driver - detecting link or device failure

    As mark has written you can evaluate the status bit INVALID in the Reaction Matrix.<br>Steps:<br>1.&nbsp;create an internal variable, data type INT, name e.g.:&nbsp;"MODBUS Connection State",...
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    Re: Change text by numeric variable

    you can link numeric variable with an reaction matrix and in reaction matrix each state can call (execute) a zenon function 'write set value' putting the wished text into additional string variable.
  13. [SOLVED] Re: Process Gateway OPC UA used to initiate IEC61850 Double Commands

    When a command variable e.g. */Oper.ctlVal[CO] is linked with Command Group, and you want to set value on this variable "behind" the Command Processing, then you have following ways:

    add in the...
  14. Re: IEC61850 - Float32 Variable - Data Type REAL - Unable to use 'Numeric value' element

    To display value of REAL or LREAL variable of IEC850 driver - link this variable with a screen element 'Numeric value'.

    This information from Help is in general topic about data types. The IEC...
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    Re: Load Management in zenon Energy Edition

    The Load Management module is not suitable&nbsp;as solution for&nbsp;Load Shedding in distribution electrical systems. The Load Management module is for&nbsp;non-energy production systems which want...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Commands screen actions not going in CEL

    Your device is not time synchronized, so the *Pos.stVal values are coming with time stamp from the past.
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    Re: Combined element problem

    &gt; <span style="color: rgb(105, 105, 105);">combined elements and the other screen elements are invisible if there is no value. Combined elements have default value option. I think it should show...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Polar chart in zenon

    There is no ready-to-use polar chart in zenon, but you can program your own as ActiveX component. Hmm, a use case for&nbsp;Add-In Framework?<br>Or contact officially your local COPA-DATA Sales...
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    Re: Combined element problem

    in zenon the&nbsp;screen elements, so also combined elements - are not visible as long the linked variable has no value at all. This can be the&nbsp;situation after Runtime start.<br>By Runtime start...
  20. Re: Do communication protocols exist as a hierarchy, or are they all considered separate from each other?

    This forum is about drivers and communication protocols in the Software Platform <strong>zenon</strong>.<br>
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    Re: Remote OPC DA Server with Zenon OPC Client

    The sentence in the manual: <u>“</u><u>The OPC client/server is optimized for local use”</u> - <u></u>means that OPC DA is&nbsp;a communication protocol designed to communicate between client and...
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    Re: Kepware OPC to Zenon

    In zenon there is driver 'OPC Client V2-0' - shortly called&nbsp;Opc2Cli32. The&nbsp;driver supports asynchronous communication to OPC DA 2.05 for reading and writing, with a local OPC DA server. The...
  23. Re: Import variable that is linked to an "equipment modeling"

    what zenon version and build are you using?
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    Re: Communication Details of IEC60870-5-101

    The variable on your screenshot - with driver object type 'communication details'&nbsp;contains the number of the configured COM serial port; not the status of the communication.<br><br>In IEC870...
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    Re: zenon enrgy edition runtime license

    zenon projects can be network projects, with a zenon Network server PC and eventually second PC as redundant standby server; and then many&nbsp;PCs which are zenon Network clients. Only the Network...
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