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  1. Communication Details of IEC60870-5-101

    Hi dear experts, <br><br>For IEC-101 driver, I need to show communication status of devices. At zenon editor creating new variable, there is option for plc marker or communication details. I have...
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    Extended Trend Visual Options

    Hi Dear Experts, I hope everything is okay for everybody in these bad days.<br><br>I have some questions about extended trend. I am using Zenon Energy Edition and preparing a Electrical Substation...
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    Symbol library encryption

    Hi Dear experts,<br><br>I don't want to share my symbol library to clients. I searched the posts and couldn't find the answer, it is possible or not to lock symbol library.<br><br>Thanks,
  4. [SOLVED] Re: Alarm Message List in Standart Screen Type

    Dear Felixst, sorry I didn't try first, now I found my answer, also for screen switching to faceplate it can be possible for defining filters. <br><br>thank you again.
  5. [SOLVED] Re: Alarm Message List in Standart Screen Type

    Dear Felixst, many thanks for fast reply. Faceplate type can contains other screen types, AML, CEL. But I have to do filter for alarms, for example station 1 page will show only station 1 alarms and...
  6. [SOLVED] Alarm Message List in Standart Screen Type

    Hi Dear Experts,<br><br>I want to show screen specific alarm lists for each screen. For example I have 21 Medium Voltage Cubicles in one substation. Under the feeder detail pages I want to show...
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    Re: Automatic line coloring issue

    Hi Ursulak, thanks for your reply.<br><br>I registered for online training, but I have non-normal problem. For example, I change something on editor and I am creating changes for runtime but not all...
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    Automatic line coloring issue

    Hi forum,

    I need some help for automatic line coloring. I am preparing a scada for switchgear with energy edition. I am using alc, but lines and symbols don't change according to alc...
  9. Re: WPF element properties about showing decimal size

    Dear Felixst, sorry for attachment. It doesn't support xaml, I put it in archive.
  10. Re: WPF element properties about showing decimal size

    Dear Felixst thanks for your reply, I tried pointer instrument but I could'nt do it them same. At wpf links there are too much parameters, but I could'nt find the solution. I am sharing xaml file to...
  11. WPF element properties about showing decimal size

    Hi there, I want to use a wpf element on my SCADA but I have some problems for configuring wpf element. After .(dot) I want to show just 2 decimal points but I can't find where I will...
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    IEC 60870-5-101 Line Redundancy


    We are designing a SCADA system for substation with Zenon Energy Edition V8.0. Client wants that, SCADA will get signals from field devices with IEC60870-5-101 protocol. There are 2 serial...
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