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  1. Re: Language change with ENG operative system

    Hi doublem,<br><br>If you want to change "System texts" then yes, use the "System Text Wizard" will be the fastest way, so you will have&nbsp;a language table with these words. But you can also...
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    Re: I don`t see any events in CEL

    Hi <span class="username">banpr1</span>,<br><br>The only thing that looks strange on your screenshots is that you are using an Alarm Message List on a CEL screen? I am not sure how you did this, did...
  3. Re: Alarms adminsitration-Context List Delete

    Hi <span class="username">sandy</span>,<br><br>Help describes how to do it:<br><br><img class="previewthumb" id="vbattach_2711" alt=""...
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    Re: Videos abspielen

    Hallo dominik_c und willkommen im Forum.<br><br>Wie du im Thread lesen können, liegt dieser Fehler an einigen fehlenden Codecs<br><br>Hast du die richtigen Codecs auf deinem PC installiert? Für das,...
  5. Re: Polygon as Button or polygon shaped button.

    Hi bortdegraaf,<br><br>One way could be creating a symbol out of your polygon + invisible button.<br><br>Just go to a screen where you already have these elements designed on the way that you want to...
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    Re: Can't install Zenon 8.10

    Hi <span class="username">xxxd0nixxx,<br><br>For the screenshot and what you are telling us,&nbsp;it looks like zenon&nbsp;was not correctly uninstalled from your system. There must be still some...
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    Re: Extended trend and historian

    Hello Vivek,<br><br>I am not sure what you are trying to get here.<br><br>The archive, by definition, are historical saved data, not live data.<br><br>When you define an archive, you say the...
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    Re: Extended trend and historian

    Hi Vivek!<br><br>If I understood your question right, you do not need to create two screens, but two screen switch&nbsp;functions, and link each one of them to a different button, but to the same ETM...
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    Re: Recipe Search in runtime

    Hi JamesPressure,<br><br>In this case, I would recommend to use the Recipe Group Manager, since, as its name indicates, "Standard Recipes" are pretty standard and they cannot be filtered.<br><br>On...
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    Re: i can't watch the overview videos

    Hi johnnydel and welcome to the forum!<br><br>I am not sure if I understand your question. Almost all the links that you can find on this Thread are from YouTube.<br><br>Yes, the videos are on...
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    Re: Linking Rule, several entries sytax

    Hello Tobiasto,<br><br>It should work just with&nbsp;"K1" and "K2", if you are directly substituting on variables. The dialog will show you an example of the result of the substitution:<br><br><img...
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    Re: Differences between Historian

    Hi Jose,<br><br>The main difference is that with the zenon SQL export module, you can export the data, but you cannot read them back into zenon.<br><br>More information about the Zenon SQL Export...
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    Re: Zenon supervisor

    Hi Otomane2019 and welcome to the forum,<br><br>Normally, this error appears when you are working on a network environment.<br><br>Can you try, in Zenon Editor, with your project selected, click on...
  14. [SOLVED] Re: Elements are not visible on screen editor

    Hi hmicarlos,<br><br>Welcome to the forum.<br><br>As you can find on the Installation_EN.pdf document provided with the zenon setup:<br><br><img class="previewthumb" id="vbattach_2526" alt=""...
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    Re: Zenon Data Event Alarm History Clear

    Hello gunhunter,<br><br>You can find that information on the help.<br><br>For the CEL: <br><img class="previewthumb" id="vbattach_2522" alt=""...
  16. Re: Report viewer "Create Excel file" name

    Hi fabian2019,<br><br>Yes, you can use placeholders on the name, like &lt;DateTime&gt;<br><br>For using them, you will have to create your own function to export the report<br><br>Once that you are on the...
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    Re: system table version change possible?

    Hi sarav,<br><br>To use a 7.50 project in a 7.11 RT, you need to create the RT files for 7.11. <br><br>You can do that in the zenon Editor: select the project --&gt; go to its properties "General --&gt;...
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    Re: insert image in a synbol or in a screen

    Hello Andrea and welcome to the forum,<br><br>Once you have imported the image to your project, you can just drag &amp; drop it to the screen, and this image will be the background of this screen. In the...
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    Re: Alarm causes

    <div>Hi mjackson,<br><br>The Alarm Causes can be created in the RT and, for that, you need a Context List screen.<br><br>You just need to create this Context List screen, open it in the RT, create...
  20. [SOLVED] Re: Extended Trend - can't change the columns

    Hi mjackson,<br><br>To make these changes permanent, you should go, on the function to switch to an ETM screen, to the Tab "Column settings" --&gt; "Expanded curve list"<br><br>See attached...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Tab navigation issues

    Hi Dave,

    I do not know what can be missing in your project, but you must have in mind that the behavior is slightly different with the button and the Tab.

    With the button, the focus jumps...
  22. [SOLVED] Re: Macro is shown as available but does not execute

    Hello Thaimulpet,

    The macro you wrote should be executed in the RT, when you have wrote it on the right VSTA Editor. You can find more information on zenon help: Manual -> Programming interfaces...
  23. Re: How to get Text Property of Static Text in Screen?

    Hi hyunso,

    This property is not accessible in RT, unfortunately. All you will get is an empty message box.

    Not all the dyn properties are available in the RT.

    Best regards,
  24. Re: How to get Text Property of Static Text in Screen?

    Hi hyunso,

    You can find the name of the property in the "Property help" in the Editor. For that, you just need to click on the property. See attached screenshot.


    This property is...
  25. Re: Color substitute during picture switch call

    Morning Joulzer,

    You can find the Substation library in the "General symbol library" (see attached screenshot) but, for that, you should have the Zenon Energy Edition installed.

    Best regards,...
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