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    Running VariableChange Events

    [Zenon Editor 6.51]<br><br>I have a problem when I call a function from a VariableChange Event;<br><br>The function I'm calling executed a CMD prompt to start a f.t.p. download. This process takes a...
  2. Re: Accessing Variable property from VBA function call

    Many thanks for your replies and input,<br><br>The nonlinear value adjustment was indeed not applicable in this situation (anyway gratefull for mentioning it).<br>I've tried the OnlineVariable...
  3. Accessing Variable property from VBA function call

    [Zenon Editor 6.51]<br><br>I'd like to achieve the following, but&nbsp;I'm at a loss;<br><br>When a variable reaches&nbsp;boolean value&nbsp;'1' (via a PLC), I&nbsp;need to execute a VBA...
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