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  1. Re: Do not reload AddIn - With function "Reload project online"

    I think you have to rethink your addin and put the cache service in an out-of-process executable that will be started if not present the first time and checked for presence every reload.
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    Re: AddIn build fails using SQLite DLLs

    You have to put the native libraries inside File->Additional with the same directory structure (x86 x64) and inside the addin create something like this...

    private void PreloadSQLite(IProject...
  3. Set M1..M8 on StratonNg variables, only via recipe?

    Is not possible to set M1..M8 status bits via Api/COM interface?
  4. Writing status bits on Zenon Logic Global Variables

    What kind of status bits are settable from Zenon Logic on Global variables?<br>I've found that none of M1..M8, ALT_VAL are settable (or almost are not visibile from Zenon Runtime)<br><br>I'm using...
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    HTML picture supporting HTML5 and CANVAS

    I need to display an HTML page inside a Zenon Picture but from what I've discovered the element inside the HTML type picture is based on an old IE that doesn't support latest javascript/html...
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    Start Program error with parameters

    Hi all,
    we are trying to execute a program on violation of limits.

    The external program must receive some parameters like:

    @alarm.ctime @alarm.ctimemilli @alarm.stext

    the problem is that...
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    Re: Modbus read input status

    yes array of 16 is configured the same way with INPUT REGISTER.

    Coil works... but it's another area in the controller... 0x instead of 1x (for input status)

    Holding register obviously doesn't...
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    Modbus read input status

    We are trying to read 8 discrete inputs from a modbus device.
    Input are connected to 8 BOOL zenon variables, using INPUT STATUS driver type and BOOL data type.

    We have noticed that if we define...
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