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  1. AW: Converting Standard Recipes to use with a Recipe Group Manager

    Why do you want to do this? If you have a project with standard recipes and restore/open it on a machine with RGM license, the standard recipes will be automatically converted to RGM recipes. <br>The...
  2. AW: Bargraph color fill and lenght from two different variables

    I think this is not possible with the bargraph element, but as your VAR2 seems to have only 5 steps, you could place 5 bargraphs with the different colors on top of each other and make them visible...
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    AW: Screen title in header screen

    Have a look at the project settings -&gt; main templates. Only screens wich open on a main template are shown in the system driver variable LastOpenedScreen
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    AW: VBA macros not appearing!!!

    Are the macros declared as public? You can only trigger VBA macros via function that are declared as Public Sub ...
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    AW: AML / CEL Filter Button in v6.22

    Is the project a Windows CE project? afaik Filter is not available in Windows CE projects.
  6. Thread: Forum Bots

    by mst

    [SOLVED] AW: Forum Bots

    Hm, scheint ja nicht besser geworden zu sein...<br><br>Ich möchte anmerken, dass es dieses Problem so noch nicht gab, bevor wir aus "Sicherheitsgründen" dazu gezwungen wurden Passwörter mit...
  7. AW: How change the state of variable in AddIn Runtime service

    Hi,<br>I did this in an older project with VBA, not sure wether this works the same way as in AddIn, but did you try <br>variable.StatusString = "REVISION=1" //Remark: no blanks! same with...
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    AW: Execute context menu on Leftclick

    Why don't you simply use a zenon picture which is opened by an invisible button on top of the element? There you could also easily define the userlevel that is needed to show the menu.
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    AW: Alarm Offline Print

    Hi, I think this depends on the font you are using for printing. As the distance between the columns is only defined by the number of blanks in the ALAR_G.FRM you need to use a font with aquidistant...
  10. Thread: Driver Commands

    by mst

    AW: Driver Commands

    Sorry, now I'm a little bit confused. What does the functiontype Driver commands -&gt; Start driver really do when it doesn't start the driver? In help documentation it says this function initialize and...
  11. AW: 7.60: TIA Variable für verschachtelten Datentyp

    Liegt vermutlich nicht an der Verschachtelung, sondern daran, dass in der Struktur ein Datentyp verendet wird, der nicht vom Treiber unterstützt wird. (z.B. S7TCP unterstützt kein Byte, statt dessen...
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    AW: Zenon Driver cannot register

    Did you install TwinCAT or at least the TcADS communication library on the PC?
  13. AW: Accessing Variable property from VBA function call

    Have a look at nonlinear value adjusting with vba macro. I think that would be the easiest way to do what you want. You only need to create one macro for all variables (ok you need 2 macros, as it is...
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    [SOLVED] AW: Datenordner für Webclients

    In der zenon6.ini kann man in der Sektion [PATH] den Eintrag WEB_PROJECT_PATH=... einfügen. Damit sollte das geändert werden können, denk ich (siehe Hilfe -&gt; Konfigurationsdateien -&gt; zenon6.ini -&gt;...
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    AW: Scaling Issue in Value Calculation

    I don't understand your question. As I told you already the last digit of this value isn't really supported by the datatype real (as the value would have 8 digits - real only supports 7.2 digits)....
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    AW: Scaling Issue in Value Calculation

    The data type REAL (32bits) is a floating point value which has only ~7.2 precise decimals. So this variance is quite normal.
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    AW: Change color palette via VBA

    No need for VBA. I've done this already. Just use internal remanent Variable, create Reactionmatrix that has different functions to switch colorpalette on diffrent discrete states and link it to the...
  18. AW: Reg: Evacuation in sql not visible for Project IDs

    I think what you mean is that there is no database to choose from the server. Maybe that's because you try to connect via WindowsNT integrated security.<br>Usually the Zenon_2012 Server instance only...
  19. AW: how to share variable from external PLC to other PLCs in the network using Zenon SCADA

    You only need an allocation. Choose Source an destination Variable - that's it.
  20. AW: Reg: Unable to restore backup in particular laptop

    Are you sure this is a project backup? To me it looks more like a Workspace-Backup (wsb) that was manually zipped after creating.
  21. AW: Project wizard extension in eigenem Thread ausführbar?

    Tja...<em> (shitstrom bzgl. AddIn Schnittstelle)</em> ... zumindest gibts ein Opened Event. Dann musst Du wohl in den sauren Apfel beissen und dieses Event anmelden, dann einen internen Merker setzen...
  22. AW: Project wizard extension in eigenem Thread ausführbar?

    .Activate sollte das Bild normal aufrufen. Das .Open Event wird gefeuert wenn das Bild angezeigt wird.
  23. AW: Project wizard extension in eigenem Thread ausführbar?

    Warum ist ds Script keine Option? Hast Du es ausprobiert?<br>Du kannst die Funktionen innerhalb des Scripts ja mittels AddIn zur Laufzeit manipulieren, aber das Script würde halt die...
  24. AW: Project wizard extension in eigenem Thread ausführbar?

    Ich vermute das Problem liegt nicht am thread, sondern dass der Code einfach zu schnell abläuft, sprich der Screenshot wird schon erstellt bevor das Bild gewechselt hat.<br><br>Soviel ich weiss,...
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    Seltsame neue Forumsmitglieder

    Hallo,<br>da ich viel mit zenon arbeite bin ich regelmässig im Forum unterwegs und lese mehr oder weniger jeden neuen Beitrag.<br>Seit ein paar Wochen gibt es hier ein neues, dem Namen nach...
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