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    Re: Monitor Administration (2 monitors)

    <br>Can you check that the screen switch function is set to 'current monitor'?
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    Re: GOOSE publisher via zenon Logic

    Why would you control a CB on an IED from an HMI via GOOSE? That makes no sense.<br><br>From 61850-7-1:<br>" GSE and SMV model concept<br>The generic substation event (GSE GOOSE) and the...
  3. Re: command processing for setpoint values, responsvalue question.

    <br><br>Does the 870 driver write to PLC as soon as the command varaible value is changed within Zenon database or only when a specific write set value (via function or command prceossing screen) is...
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    Re: Variable in String Format

    Ok, still seem to be missing part of the puzzle here.

    Encoding is Ascii 8 bit. Each holding register is 16 bit. Therefore in each register you can only send 2 characters.
    The full date must be...
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    Re: Variable in String Format

    How is the date formatted in the source device? There is no such thing as a 'standard' date format in modbus. Usually the value is sent encoded in some way... maybe you need bitwise operation, or it...
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    Re: Honeywell Experion PKS driver?

    <br><br>Without knowing too much about PKS, it seems that it uses an OPC interface? From Honeywell website:<br><br><br>So you could use Zenon OPC driver?<br><br>
  7. Re: Issue launching script via REMA instant function

    <br><br>Ursula,<br><br>I tried various configurations for the 'execution' paramater (not sure if I tried ticking both primary and standby at same time though to be fair). I will test to see if that...
  8. Re: Reaction matrix condition time hysteresis

    <br><br>Here is one way to acheive what you want, but depending on your situation may or may not be suitable.<br><br>If your variable attached to process is VAR_INPUT you would create a 2nd internal...
  9. Re: Issue launching script via REMA instant function

    <br><br>Ursula,<br><br>Thanks, I had not thought about using a controlled variable to determine rating.<br><br>I have managed to get it working my original way, with a fix to work around the...
  10. Re: Issue launching script via REMA instant function

    Use case is that we are using Zenon as gateway device to take all 61850 IEDs and send onwards to control centre (so we're replacing RTU functionality). Using process gateways running on Server 1 &...
  11. Re: Issue launching script via REMA instant function

    Ursula,<br><br>I checked &amp; the function which executes the script was set to 'current computer'. I note that the actual redundancy swtich function has the execution option greyed out (and is set to...
  12. Issue launching script via REMA instant function

    Afteroon all,<br><br>I've come across an issue when using a REMA to fire off a script when limit value is reached using the 'instant' function.<br><br>I've narrowed it down to the minimum required to...
  13. [SOLVED] Re: Zenon network - bandwidth requirements

    <br><br>Thats great, thanks Fredrik<br>
  14. [SOLVED] Zenon network - bandwidth requirements

    Afternoon,<br><br>Has there been any testing to determine the bandwidth requirements for Zenon network? I.e. what is the minimum required connection speed between 2 servers or a server and a client?...
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    Re: ZenDbSrv Issuse

    Have you changed any of the settings for 'listening ports' in the Startup tool (under Application &gt; Options &gt; Listening Ports)?<br><br>If the problem is related to it not working only when the...
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    Re: Setpoint Tracking and Alarms

    <br><br>One way you&nbsp;could do it would be to&nbsp;use a Mathdriver variable. SP = X01, MV = X02. Calc would be X01-X02. Then use a numerical REMA on the math driver variable&nbsp;that if...
  17. [SOLVED] Re: IEC 870-103 driver & command processing


    I have got working (after a fashion) now...

    I used the AdjustZenOnValue VBA for process gateway control combined with a 'set value' for the local (from HMI) command processing. (still...
  18. [SOLVED] Re: IEC 870-103 driver & command processing

    <br><br>Ursula,<br><br>Thanks for this.. I have been able to make command processing work using the set value command type (I tried before but I was missing that I had to set switching direction to...
  19. [SOLVED] IEC 870-103 driver & command processing

    Hi,<br><br>I'm trying to set up communications with Siemens relays via 870-103 but am having come issues with commands. If I use 'write set value' I can issue both off (1) and on (2) commands which...
  20. [SOLVED] Re: Remote Transport - stop /start not working

    Mark,<br><br>Thanks for the quick reply. I understand now that the 'Zensyssrv.exe' transport service is not actually being run as a windows service! As it launches under the 1st user accont to log in...
  21. [SOLVED] Remote Transport - stop /start not working

    Hi,<br><br>I have a system where the remote transport is acting strangely... The 'transfer runtime files' is working fine, however the 'start / stop' runtime doesnt appear to do anything on the...
  22. Re: Zenon Energy Edition general and Cyber security query

    Jay,<br><br>Not sure if you've seen the section of the manual which covers some of these topics? Look in the help files under 'Zenon Security Guide'.<br><br>I have previously asked if there were any...
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    Re: Sharing variables - remote projects

    Thanks for the feedback David.<br><br>We have opted to keep projects completely seperate as a measure to ensure that it is in no way possible to control one project from the other site.. by using...
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    Re: PRP in a SEL computer

    Jose,<br><br>We use the Win 10 IOT version of SEL computers and PRP does work. Unless you really need Windows server for some reason (eg running domain controller etc) there shouldn't be any reason...
  25. Importing screens / functions - orphaned objects

    Hi,<br><br>I have noticed when importing screens / functions from one project to another that we end up with 'orphaned' objects within the screens.<br><br>Is there any way to find out where these are...
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