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    Re: BUG: Help button pos wrong

    <a class="username online popupctrl" href="" title="scheweeric is online now" id="yui-gen16"><strong><span class="custom-logo quali-partner"><span...
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    BUG: Help button pos wrong

    Hello,<br>just a small bugreport:<br>Zenon Operator editor Version 8.10 SP0 Build57250 64Bit.<br>- Importing variables with an xml file &gt; open &gt; confirm with ok<br>- Resize window -&gt; button will stay...
  3. Re: Structured data type composite of several variables and types

    Found it, Thank you!<img src="images/smilies/cool.png" alt="" title="Cool" smilieid="6" class="inlineimg" border="0">
  4. Structured data type composite of several variables and types

    Hey,<br>is it possible to define some kind of STRUCT? or CLASS as data type?<br><br>In my case, I already use several levels of abstraction and different kinds of IO-types. These provide me with...
  5. ENUM as base data type / Beckhoff TwinCat NG Treiber

    I'd like to implement an ENUM data type. How does that work?

    Sure I could add a new simple data type, call it ENUM and give it the IEC data type INT,
    but when I'm trying to import...
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