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    Re: elmo drive canOpen mapping reseted

    Hi mos89,<br><br><br>The&nbsp;&nbsp;0 2 82 07 is a message to node 7 to reset the communication. <br>The&nbsp; 707 1 0 is a message by the node 7, telling it is in the boot up state<br>The&nbsp; 0 2...
  2. Re: Remote OPC DA Server with Zenon OPC Client

    Hello José Luis Torres,<br><br>Let me phrase what is written in the help in a different way. <br><br>When this is a non-critical communication, when you are OK with the fact that the communication...
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    Re: DNP3_TG Driver monitor

    Hi SEL_RSA,<br><br>The DNP3_TG driver offers extensive communication statistics through driver local variables. Please have a look at the driver object type "Statistics". <br><br>Normally when you...
  4. Re: Zenon Project to get COMTRACE file from IED

    Hello gunhunter,<br><br>The directory where files retrieved from IEDs are stored locally on the system with the zenon runtime and IEC850 MMS client driver, depends on the setting in the driver...
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    Re: Zenon Message Control

    Hi Shaun,<br><br>When you setup message control on the system with the zenon editor, these settings are made locally. On this system you may have Microsoft Outlook and a corresponding mail profile...
  6. Re: Zenon Project to get COMTRACE file from IED

    Hello gunhunter,<br><br>Do I understand correctly, that you want to retrieve (i.o.w. copy) the COMTRADE file from the IED to the system running zenon?<br><br>Several zenon communication drivers, like...
  7. Re: OPC-UA Variable: externe Zeitstempel eingefroren

    Hallo Peter,<br><br>Es ist auch möglich in der Alarmliste die Spalte mit dem internen Zeitstempel darzustellen und danach zu sortieren. Das Filtern in der Alarmliste jedoch passiert immer auf Basis...
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    Re: Web server installation

    Hi Damir,<br><br>I suggest you also look at the Webclient starter application, instead of a browser. While tests are performed with the latest version IE 11, the Webclient may also still run with...
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    Re: Control model error code 9

    Hello Per,<br><br>Have you tried creating a new test project containing only the */Oper.ctlVal*[CO] variable (no additional variables), and writing the variable directly without using command...
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    Re: User administration in runtime

    Hello Jamax,<br><br>Thank you for your post and welcome to the forum :)<br><br>Have you confirmed that the login of your admin user in the runtime, was successful? <br>When you can edit users in the...
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    Re: ESPA-X Anbindung

    Hallo Axel,<br><br>Aktuell gibt es keinen Treiber, der ESPA 4.4.4, ESPA-X oder ESPA-X mit DAKS Erweiterung, implementiert. <br>Abhängig davon, welche Variante genau benötigt wird, könnte man unter...
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    Re: Web server installation

    Hello Damir,<br><br>For the Webclient / Webserver, no internet access is required. In fact we do not recommend exposing the zenon Webserver directly to the internet via public IP, port forwarding or...
  13. Re: OPCUA: Changing the parameter QueueSize for a monitored item

    Hello Savenni,<br><br>Thanks for your post and welcome to the forum!<br><br>The AccessOPCUA OPC UA server in the process gateway accepts different queuesizes suggested by the OPC UA...
  14. [SOLVED] Re: Benutzerverwaltung über Active Directory

    Hallo Florian,<br><br>Wenn der Domain Controller und etwaige weitere Domain Controller, nicht erreichbar sind, ist die zenon Runtime zum Zeitpunkt des Logins, nicht in der Lage die...
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    Re: Electric screen

    Hi eden212,<br><br>It is possible to import vector graphics&nbsp;(*.dxf)&nbsp;into a screen in the zenon editor, through the context menu of a screen. <br>Depending on your needs though, there may be...
  16. Re: I want a from date time and to date time of report filter in my rdl file

    Hi saikiran,<br><br>You should be able to get this information into your report by adding the dataset containing the filter data to the screen switch function and use the appropriate fields from this...
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    Re: Zenon Reporting

    Hi José,<br><br>The report viewer is purely for showing, printing or exporting reports, containing tables and graphs. <br><br>The report generator can also do this, however the graphical capabilities...
  18. Re: Comparison of two string variables to activate color

    Hi&nbsp; TMeck9,<br><br>It's possible, but it's not straight forward. <br><br>- Create an internal boolean variable with the appropriate limit colors (red/green, orange/blue) for value 0 and value...
  19. Re: Counting Number of Variables with Revision Bit Active

    Hi adrian.mcgranaghan,<br><br>Thanks for your post and welcome to the forum :)<br><br>One thing you can do is use the variable diagnosis screen, add all relevant variables in the screen switch...
  20. Re: reading memory bits in zenon energy edition from Delta 12SE PLC

    Hi Lingelethu,<br><br>When you can read holding registers OK, it seems the general settings, like modbus slave ID&nbsp;/ unit&nbsp;identifier,&nbsp;should be correct. I don't have the datasheet of...
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    Re: Google SMTP

    Hi,<br><br>Please ensure that you have configured your gmail account appropriately and explicitly enabled POP access.<br><br>See this <a href=""...
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    Re: OPC DA Server- Client Configuration

    Hi rajeeshk1985,<br><br>In the past, customers have successfully used commercial OPC DA tunneling software. The best help would be the supporting documentation of such products. One thing to consider...
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    Re: Unexpected shutdown : IPC Zenonn

    Hi rajeeshk1985,<br><br>Event ID 41 merely states that the system shutdown unexpectedly. More information cannot be obtained from the screenshot. <br><br>Such situations however occur often when...
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    [SOLVED] Re: IEEE C37.118 (Synchrophasor)

    Hi Zeynal,<br><br>The IEEE C37.118 driver is not a zenon driver but a zenon logic driver. When you create a new zenon logic project in your zenon project, you can open the fieldbus configuration...
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    [SOLVED] Re: DNP Configuration

    Hi Philipe,<br><br>I'm quite positive this is a configuration issue and could be resolved. <br><br>IEEE Std 1815&nbsp;(DNP3) is a standardized protocol and one of the aims is to achieve a high...
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