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    Re: Cleanup Setup Instructions

    Thank Lukas,<br>where can I find the reg cleaner?
  2. Re: How to force webclient in to 64bit

    <br><br>Thanks for your help<br>I managed to get it sorted using the webclient(64bit) and launching the zenwebclientstarter.exe from command prompt with the relevant switches used. Then to...
  3. Re: How to force webclient in to 64bit

    Thanks Fredrik

    , this rings a bell about having to register. unfortunately that section of the manual doesn't appear. which dll or exe needs regsvr32 running on
  4. Re: How to force webclient in to 64bit

    <br>I am running windows 10 64bit. I have tried launching iexplorer found in the "program files" folder&nbsp;but it seems that it is intent on running 32bit.<br>I have tried launching the...
  5. Re: How to force webclient in to 64bit

    Thanks but there is definitely a 64bit option if you look in the setup files web client(x86) and web client 64
  6. How to force webclient in to 64bit

    Can someone help,<br>Due to the large number of variable in a project circa 500,000 I receive "out of memory errors" using 7.60 webclient.<br>I start the runtime in 64bit mode but all the webclients...
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    Re: Best and worst Calcs

    As I already have all the variables for the scanners already, is there not something I could do with the maths driver?
  8. Re: unacknowledged alarm decrease

    If I use the unacknowledged alarms variable to show, either in a graph or as a value on a screen. The value never decreases even when an alarm is acknowledged.
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    Best and worst Calcs

    I have a number of Barcode scanners on a system with "no read" stats in a variable.<br>What is the best way to show on a screen which scanner has the worst read rate and what that value is
  10. unacknowledged alarm decrease

    Hi<br>I have searched on the forums for the answer but couldn't find anything.<br>When using the SYSvar unacknowledged alarm in a count it only ever increases, when alarms are acknowledged the count...
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