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    Re: Webserver Routing & Redundancy

    Hello,<br><br>both scenarios are possible.<br>Depending on if you only want to monitor or also operate through the webclients you will need to purhcase zenon Web Server or zenon Web Server...
  2. Re: How change the state of variable in AddIn Runtime service

    Please activate the setting "Status/Timestamp for Variables of internal Driver" in the general project settings in the section "runtime settings".<br>
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    Re: Login notification

    Hello,<br><br>it seems that you have created the variable that shows the user levels of the actually logged in user. Please try again and select the STRING variable that contains the user...
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    Re: Login notification

    Hello,<br><br>yes, there are system driver variables for that.<br>Just create a new variable, select the system driver and in the following dialog you will be able to select the ones related to the...
  5. Re: Set and archive values of internal variables

    Hi Carlos,<br><br>first of all you need to enable time and status processing for internal variables in your general project settings. Please note that this will have the effect, that all internal...
  6. Re: Hysteresis / Deadband for process gateway signals

    Dear Dave,

    did you consider zenon Logic in your thoughts?
    I think it offers the most flexibility if you set the incoming variable to "external visible", do your hysteresis logic in zenon logic...
  7. Re: C# program executed cyclically - Zenon 8.00

    Dear Carlos,<br><br>it seems that you have created a macro for the editor.<br>To create a macro that is included in the runtime files and executable there, you need to create it in the project...
  8. Re: C# program executed cyclically - Zenon 8.00

    Dear Carlos,<br><br>1. Please take a look at the function SetValueWith Status. Additionally you need to enable status processing for internal variables in the general project settings (from version...
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    Re: Zenon in tablets

    Hello José,<br><br>did you have a look on our HTML5 solution?<br><br>Regards,<br>Felix
  10. Re: C# program executed cyclically - Zenon 8.00

    Dear Carlos,<br><br>did you have a look on or file driver? Maybe he can do what you need without programming.<br>File operations could also be done using zenon Logic, our integrated soft...
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    Re: Funktionsausführung zeitlich wiederholen

    Hallo Martin,<br><br>komfortabler als über die Programmierschnittstelle ließe sich das mit zenon Logic, unserer integrierten Soft-SPS, lösen.<br>Hier kannst du in einer der IEC 61131-3 Sprache auch...
  12. Re: Grenzwertfunktion bestimmter Variablen oder bestimmte Funktionen deaktivieren

    Hallo Martin,<br><br>so direkt ist das nicht möglich.<br>Eine Variante wäre den SPS-Wert über eine Zuweisung auf eine interne Variable weiter zu geben und die Grenzwertfunktion bei der internen...
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    Re: Zenon HMI software Question

    Dear Jacobcllen,<br><br>as far as I know our website has been working proper the last days.<br><br>Please contact to clarify your options.<br><br>Regards,<br>Felix<a...
  14. Re: Where can I find ZenOn PC Runtime V5.5 SP7?

    Hola MarianiSalguero,

    please contact and include as much information as possible to enable a fast and clear answer.
    What is the project all about, license number, etc.

  15. Re: Where can I find ZenOn PC Runtime V5.5 SP7?

    Hello MarianiSalguero,<br><br>version 5.50 is quite old and out of our product and support lifecycle. So therfore there is no download on your website.<br>Please contact your local COPA-DATA...
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    Re: Unix Time to GMT

    Hi Joel,<br><br>you can find some c# examples here: <a data-cke-saved-href=""...
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    Re: Variablenname ermitteln

    Hallo Michael,<br><br>was ist den der genaue Anwendungsfall?<br><br>Wann (bei welchem Ereignis) soll die der Name gelesen werden und was soll dann in weiterer Folge im Detail geschehen?<br><br>Schöne...
  18. Re: AW: OPC-UA Variable: externe Zeitstempel eingefroren

    Hallo Peter,<br><br>einen ersten Überblick findest du auf unserem Youtube Channel in der Engineers Kitchen (Folge 14):<br><br>Für eine detaillierte...
  19. Re: OPC-UA Variable: externe Zeitstempel eingefroren

    Hallo Peter,<br><br>bezüglich des Workarounds via Zuweisung auf interne Variablen ließe sich die Konfiguration mit einem Editor-Makro automatisieren und so zumindest der Konfigurationsaufwand...
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    Re: IEC 60870-5-101_104 Value Write Issue

    Dear Srikanth,

    due to protocol restrictions for IEC 60870 the online browsing for variables only works for variables in monitoring connection.
    Types like T30 need to be configured manually on...
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    Re: IEC 60870-5-101_104 Value Write Issue

    Dear Srikanth,<br><br>in IEC 60870 there are special variable types for communicating either in monitoring (from slave to master) or in command (from master to slave) direction.<br><br>It seems that...
  22. Re: Is it possible to create one variable from archive?

    Good Morning Michalt,

    you could use allocations to store the old value and use a mathematics variable to compare the actual value to the old value.
    The allocation could be updated automatically...
  23. Re: Reg: Evacuation in sql not visible for Project IDs

    Dear Sarav,<br><br>please be aware that the database instance "zenon_2012" is a central part of the zenon engineering system and used for storing project configuration, etc.<br>From a system...
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    Re: Webclient view on Mobile

    Hi Joel,<br><br>did you take a look on our HTML5 solution?<br><br>Regards,<br>Felix<br>
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    Re: Historian Read Back

    Hello,<br><br>zenon archive data that has been written to the evacuation database will be automatically read back, yes!<br>So that includes "events"-variable values that are stored in a zenon...
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