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    Zenon Historian issue

    Hi all,<br><br>I am using <strong>Historian (4 Nos)</strong> to record the process data.<br><br>The machine was continuously running for 24*7 from March 2018.<br><br>From <strong>Oct 2018...
  2. Frequent VSTA program refreshing and VSTA opening issue

    Dear Team,<br>I'm using zenon 7.60. I face the following issues when opening VSTA,<br>1. Complete VSTA program getting deleted.<br>2. Unable to open VSTA.<br><br>The above issues are faced under any...
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    Re: Higher CPU load Error

    Hi,<br>I've created a VSTA logic to write values in a text file. The same file will be copied by another Server PC, frequently. No Runtime error was encountered when running zenon as a standalone...
  4. How to monitor values of block array in VSTA

    Hello,<br>I created a integer variable in Siemens S7-TCP/IP driver with DataBlock address = 150, Offset = 0 and Block array size = 11.<br>In PLC, I created DB150 as new datablock and declared an...
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