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  1. Move a software-dongle license to a hardware-dongle

    Hi,<br><br>what are the correct steps to move a license from a software-dongle to a hardware-dongle?<br><br>Is there a guidance from Copa Data?<br><br>
  2. Use zenLogSrv from AddIn code (create own Log-entry)


    is it possible to write a customer log entry into the zenon log system (zenLogSrv) from AddIn (ProjectServiceExtension, ProjectWizardExtension) code? If yes, how?

    P.S. Debug.Print("...")...
  3. .rdl file (Report Viewer) shall open in Report Builder

    Hi,<br><br>I've Zenon 8.0 and want to open a .rdl file within Report Builder 3.0 (additional installed) for editing. But all the time when I try to open the .rdl from within Zenon, Visual Studio...
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