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    Re: Zenon SU DEV 4096 Tags

    Hello&nbsp;<span style="color: rgb(62, 62, 62);">LucaCrescini,<br><br></span><div><span class="username">not by default. The license must bei either have the license for version 8.20 in it or the...
  2. Thread: Import Alarm XML

    by c.f.

    Re: Import Alarm XML

    In fact, there is currently no possibility to trigger an XML import on Alarm-Areas, -Groups, or -Classes with the AddIn-Framework (zenon API).

    It is however possible to create Alarm-Areas with...
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    Re: How to transfer the license key

    Hello Victor,<br><br>please report this issue to;<br>There could be something wrong with the last activation or your dongle. <br>e.g. a confirmation file is missing or the...
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    Re: Error during license update

    Hello Joel,<br><br>which version of zenon are you using?<br>We switched the Licensing System in 2018. If you are using zenon 8.00 please use the License Manager located in the tools section in the...
  5. Re: VSTA-VB.Net - Macro Call Delay and Execution Delay

    Hello Dhanapal,<br><br>I'm missing the point: What are you trying to archive with the macro?<br><br>This one:<br><br>makes me curious: you do not need to enable permanently read to access a variable...
  6. Re: How PLC Input and Output variables will be shared between Zenon RT and VSTA while macro is executing?

    Hello,<br><br><br><br>Macro will take the updated value.<br><br>When you get the value from the variable, the latest value from the driver is taken. Please remark that the value can not get updated...
  7. [SOLVED] Re: How multiple macros will execute in VSTA runtime?

    <br>confirm, if you do not call the zenon&nbsp;COM from the dll.<br><br><br>nope, this is exactly what you should not do.&nbsp;<br><br>All you get is one single main thread. This main thread can...
  8. Re: Is debug is possible in VSTA without stopping the other running macros?

    are the other macros also working with the zenon&nbsp;COM?<br><br>if yes: as far as I know it is not possible to debug one method while other methods, macros or processes, under which context the...
  9. Re: Is debug is possible in VSTA without stopping the other running macros?

    afaik that is not possible in VSTA, because every macro is in one single class - one single AddIn-object. Debugging means, compiling it in debug mode and stopping when the breakpoint is hit. This...
  10. [SOLVED] Re: How multiple macros will execute in VSTA runtime?

    Hi,<br>The macros will not run parallel unless you defined them to run in an own thread.&nbsp;<br>But take care: the interface to the zenon&nbsp;API does not take multiple threads and calling methods...
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    Re: Zenon Server-Client RT Licensing

    Hello Emrocon,<br><br><br><br>Yes, your local sales partner can help you to find the perfect solution for you&nbsp;<img src="images/smilies/smile.png" border="0" alt="" title="Lächeln" smilieid="1"...
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    Re: Signature Test Thread

    y just y?
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    Re: Filter Alarm / CEL Export einfach

    Für die Filterung der AML oder der CEL gibt es einen eigenen Screentype, welcher nach Belieben "vereinfacht" werden kann.

    Dazu einen neuen Screen erstellen und bei "Screen type" für die CEL...
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    Re: Filter Alarm / CEL Export einfach

    Hallo und Willkommen im Forum,

    einfache Filter kannst du in einer "Export CEL" Funktion einmal definieren und diese Funktionen dann in der Runtime z.B. über Buttons aufrufen. Wenn der Haken in den...
  15. Re: lange Zustandsmeldungen von SPS im ZENON ausgeben

    hallo g.vir,

    Willkommen im Forum!

    welchen Treiber verwendest du?

    Aus deiner Beschreibung lese ich, dass die SPS 50 Zeichen erlaubt, du aber nur 20 davon verwendest, richtig?

    Ja es ist...
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