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  1. Re: Restore backup fail. Create SQL Database

    The problem is solved.<br><br>The problem was that "Compress contents to save disk space" was checked on folders. Program Files and Windows.<br><br>The option is under properties under folder and the...
  2. Restore backup fail. Create SQL Database

    Hello trying to restore an backup and i get fail.<br>In Diag viewer i get the fault it cant create sql database.&nbsp;<br><br>See picture below. Any fix for this problem? Also i cant create a new...
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    Re: Connection error variable.

    Thank you. This solution will work :)
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    Connection error variable.

    Hello, I have two RTU connected to one driver via redundancy. So if I lose connection to RTU1 then RTU2 take over.<br>But I want an alarm in the HMI that driver lost the communication to a specific...
  5. Re: Response variable value Command Processing

    Thank you i worked great.<br><br>Best regards Andreas&nbsp;
  6. Response variable value Command Processing

    Hello.<br><br>I have an problem i need to change the&nbsp;response variable value that are 0 and 1.<br><br>I have made an Command group and also a reaction matrix for my signals. <br>The response...
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