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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Does Scada in Zenon Web Client 8.20 share the same vulnerability as Scada used in Open Automation Software Platform?

    Hi curiousgeorge,<br><br>The zenon Web Client (now called "Smart Client") is not based on OAS. Its intended use is not, as the name "Web" may imply, as a client for internet facing systems. Rather it...
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    Re: Login/Logout-Button

    Hallo Tommylik,<br><br>Du könntest prüfen in der Chronologische Ereignisliste ob ein fehlerhaftes Login protokolliert wurde oder hier eine andere Meldung protokolliert wurde.&nbsp;<br><br>Was ist in...
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    Re: OPC UA server module for zenon Operator

    Hi MK,<br><br>Tag use in the OPC UA server is not limited. At some point however it makes sense to start an additional instance of the OPC UA process gateway for load distribution, when large tag...
  4. Thread: Opc ae

    by markclemens

    Re: Opc ae

    Hi Kalandhar3,<br><br>You can use the OPC UA process gateway as an OPC UA Server that provides OPC UA clients access to the following information from the runtime:<br><br>live values - reading,...
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    Sticky: Re: Languages availability

    Hello hthto1,<br><br>Currently Polish is not available as a standard language. As indicated in the earlier posts, you can however utilize the language change functionality to provide support for any...
  6. Re: AD authentication without joining server to the domain

    Hi zorgoz,<br><br>Thanks for your post and welcome to the forum :)<br><br>From zenon version 8.00 it is possible to use AD users at login in the runtime, also when the system on which the runtime is...
  7. Re: Remote OPC DA Server with Zenon OPC Client

    Hello negin,<br><br>All zenon drivers are started by the zenon runtime on the same PC in the same session in the same user context. A driver on one PC with a runtime on another PC is not possible....
  8. [SOLVED] Re: Remote Transport - stop /start not working

    Hi Dave,<br><br>The issue most likely, is with the remote transport service running in a different user session and / or user account and / or integrity level, as the zenon runtime. When the runtime...
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    Re: Saving Zenon configuration

    Hi <span class="username">roger_novarctech</span>,<br><br>Most components in the zenon editor can be exported to XML format for sharing across projects. <br><br>Best regards,<br>Mark
  10. Re: Zenon Edior crash during restoring backup

    Hi Sachin S,<br><br>One thing that can be seen is from the log is an access denied error on the "C:\ProgramData\COPA-DATA\SQL2012\BACKUP"&nbsp;directory. This is something that you may be able to...
  11. Re: How to convert zenon runtime files to zenon editor?

    Hi epenterh,<br><br>When you have a backup of the affected system, you can restore the runtime files and the runtime data from this backup and use this on another system with the same or a newer...
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    Re: Customize alarm message list

    Hello Paulo,<br><br>The alarm list is highly customizable. You can change the graphical appearance at the properties of the alarm list control in the screen. You can change the content and content...
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    Re: Two versions of program in parallel

    Hello epenterh,<br><br>It is possible to install and use multiple versions of the editor and/or the runtime on the same system, provided a license is available. An application called "startup tool",...
  14. Re: Beckhoff driver communication problems. Zenon Runtime directly on PLC

    Hi Mark,<br><br>Thanks for the post and welcome to the forum!<br><br>In TwinCAT please make sure you've enabled the option "Download Symbol description" in the TwinCAT options<br><br>Best...
  15. [SOLVED] Re: Additional Data Folder Created with remote pc name while running zenon From remote PC

    <div>Hi gaurav7376,<br><br>On the system with the runtime, the terminal server registration is active. You can use the startup tool to perform a standard registration so that the runtime uses the...
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    Re: Zenon parameter inVBA script

    Hi q1883, <br><br>Passing user parameters is possible through the zenon function to execute a VBA macro. For moduleElement events for a button for example, you can access the object and object...
  17. Re: Standard recipe not exporting when configured as a Network

    Hello Username87,<br><br>Please make sure you have unchecked the checkbox in "Do not generate and transfer" for the Standard Recipes in the "Runtime&nbsp;changeable data" settings in the project...
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    Re: how to combine three different projects

    Hi dragontattoo,<br><br>Could you please elaborate, what you mean by that?<br><br>Best regards,<br>Mark
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    Re: Network Traffic Report in Zenon

    Hi Jose,<br><br>zenon currently does not feature own intrusion detection capabilities, however it can work in networks where such systems are deployed and used. <br><br>Drivers have communication...
  20. Re: MODRTU32 - Preset Multiple Registers (FC 16)

    Hi Jose_Alejandro,<br><br>Thanks for the post and welcome to the forum!<br><br>Typically you would use the driver object type "Holding Register". Variables based of this driver object type cause the...
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    Re: how to combine three different projects

    Hi Lingelethu,<br><br>Yes, this is possible. These licenses would typically also have different contents. E.g. the client for the integration project may need more tags, but would not need drivers....
  22. Re: Linking Users to corporate Domain account

    Hello Xavier,<br><br>Thanks for your post and welcome to the forum :)<br><br>It is possible to make use of Active Directory users in the zenon runtime. To utilize this, you can enable the...
  23. Re: How change the state of variable in AddIn Runtime service

    <br><br><br>Hi tsvoboda,<br><br>It is possible to set the revision status bit for variables, in order to suppress / inhibit&nbsp;alarms. <br><br>This is possible in a number of different ways....
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    Re: OPC communication issue

    Hello sachin,<br><br>The error regarding the XML parsing of the type dictionary does not necessarily have to be the reason why the communication does not work. Another obvious reason why the...
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    Re: how to combine three different projects

    Hi Lingelethu,<br><br>Thanks for your post and welcome to the forum :)<br><br>From your description and your question regarding terminal server, I'm not sure if you just want to have a single...
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