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  1. Re: Accessing variables in Runtime wizard and service

    Thank you both.<br><br>Everything makes sense.<br>For some reason my mind was not able to draw parallel between Zenon VariableCollection and C# System.Collections&nbsp;&nbsp;<img...
  2. Accessing variables in Runtime wizard and service

    <div>Hello,</div><div><br></div><div>I have been trying to migrate some of the VSTA functionality to the Add-In Framework for Visual Studio 2017 in Zenon 7.60 but I am not sure how to do...
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    Zenon Server-Client RT Licensing

    Hi,<br><br>Can someone please explain which licenses are needed for this configuration:<br>1x Primary Server (Historian, Ex-Trending, Message Control, Report Generator...)<br>1x Secondary Server...
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