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  1. zenAdminSrv & zenLogSrv not starting due to Error 1053

    Hi,<br>I have Zenon 7.10 Supervisory version installed at a EWS in Kuwait site.<br>Till date, Zenon was working smoothly but I installed ABB PCM600 software and then Zenon services seems to be...
  2. Report Generator multiple rows issue

    I am using Report Generator for Printing Alarms &amp; Events. I have created a new report and generated report as per project requirement.<br>Now I have declared 1000 rows with top 3 rows as static rows....
  3. Zenon Redundancy in Servers & Client PC

    Hi,<br><br>I am using Zenon 7.10 Supervisory version. I have two Servers (make HP) for 1 as Primary &amp; 1 as Standby. Also there are 3 Client PCs.<br>When I am enabling Software Reduandancy, both...
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    Modbus Process Gateway


    With two servers (HP Server used for data acquisition) and zenon running in Software Redundancy mode with three Runtime clients only, I want to configure Modbus process gateway for data...
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