View Full Version : Installation Error (zenon Analyzer 3.40)

21st May 2021, 19:23
Hi, all.

I have some problems with zenon Analyzer installation.
I tried in 3 different Windows 10 VMs and 1 Windows Server 2012 R2 VM, both with .net 4.7.2 and IIS properly configured.
It seems a SQL Error, cause this code is a regional settings related. I tried to fix changing regional settings, but with no success.
Does anybody know what am I doing wrong?


23rd May 2021, 13:23
Dear&nbsp;<span style="color: rgb(62, 62, 62);">ronei_candido,<br><br></span>If your server/system is as per prerequisites&nbsp;are applicable for work with the zenon Analyzer. then lastly check with windows updates and security patch's.<br><br>Warm Regards<br>Srikanth G

24th May 2021, 18:25
Dear&nbsp;<font color="#3e3e3e">Srikanth, thank you for the reply!</font><br><font color="#3e3e3e">The last VM I have been using is an Windows Server 2012.</font><br><font color="#3e3e3e">After your message, I updated the Windows (there were updates available).</font><br><font color="#3e3e3e">Unfortunately&nbsp;I still have the same message, even with these updates.</font>

24th May 2021, 20:23
It worked!<br>That's weird. I had to download the software 4 times before getting the correct size/hash code.<br>At least now it just got start installing.<br>Thank you !!!