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16th September 2020, 12:55
<div>Hi all guys, it's me again.<img src="images/smilies/wink.png" border="0" alt="" title="Blinzeln" smilieid="4" class="inlineimg"><br><br></div><div>I'm struggling with the process gateway: IEC870-104.&nbsp;For now I am making sure that when I import the variables into the editor, via VBA, I also write the process gateway configuration xml file.</div><div>I wanted to ask you if it was possible to configure the process gateway directly via VBA.</div><div>If so, would you give me a couple of tips.<br><br><br></div><div>Thanks in advance,<br><br>RE</div>

21st September 2020, 08:58
Directly not, but you can write from VBA the CSV file - this file&nbsp;would be&nbsp;easier to produce: one entry is one IO definition.&nbsp;Then import&nbsp;in zenon Process Gateway the CSV file.&nbsp;<br><strong>&nbsp;Help</strong>: Manual &gt; Process Gateway &gt; IEC870 slave &gt; Module configuration &gt; Configuration via XML file &gt; <strong>.CSV export and import<br><br></strong>If you need the XML file, not CSV,&nbsp;to dynamically reload zPG during/after the runtime reload&nbsp;(re-read of the file is possible to trigger&nbsp;with variable&nbsp;T00 IOA=8) then you can use another instance of zenPG (on Editor's, not Runtime,&nbsp;PC) to first import CSV and export as XML with the name of file like the right zPG uses.&nbsp;<br><br>To the PC where Runtime is running you can transfer the XML file (to the right directory C:\ProgramData\COPA-DATA\System)&nbsp;via additional, manually created&nbsp;entry in the file list of Remote Transfer&nbsp;dialog.

22nd September 2020, 08:21
Ok, perfect.<br><br><div>I think Iíll create an XML file via VBA.<br><br></div><div>Thank you very much for the answer.<br><br>RE</div>