View Full Version : Full steps to configure HTML5

14th July 2020, 15:38
Dear all Expert!<br><br>I'm planning to deploy HTML5 for my demo system ( Version 8.0 )<br><br>I'm appreciate if you can show the full steps ( more details as possible ) to configure it. I'm realized standard Web server is limited for modern web browser and HTML5 is the key to be reached<br><br>Currently, I'm stuck at SCADA Connector is not available during I use HTML Engine Deployment.<br><br>Thanks so much

20th October 2020, 07:15
Hi Tridangminh,<br>You have to launch the scada connector (available in the startup menu in the "Tools" section") on the machine which is configured as runtime host.<br><br>Please have a look in our online help.<br>Many information and details on how to deploy a webengine is available there.<br><br>BR,<br>Joris