View Full Version : Change PC name after installation Analyzer and Supervisor

11th March 2020, 16:03
Dear,<br><br>On PC runs Supervisor RT and Analyzer. Clients access Supervisor using Web Server app.&nbsp;<br> I need to change name of PC. Last time when I did this, Analyzer didn't work after changing and I needed to install everything again on PC.<br><br>Is there some other way to change PC name without complications?<br><br>BR,<br>Albert

9th December 2020, 10:00
Hello,<br><br>it is always recommended to define the correct computer name and domain before the analyzer installation. The simplest and best&nbsp;way is to set up the computer again. If this is not possible, the installation can be repaired but it is complicated and can have side effects, please contact our support for instructions.