View Full Version : WPF elements in HTML5

20th September 2019, 06:47
Hello,<br><br>I would like to know, if WPF elements, like gauges, bars etc., are supported by HTML5.<br><br>Thank you in advance for your answer.&nbsp;

24th September 2019, 12:23
Dear&nbsp;grzegorz_kaczmarczyk,<br><br>Unfortunately,&nbsp;AddOn’s like ActiveX or WPF Elements are not supported by the HTML5 technology.<br><br>You can find the list of functionalities and elements supported in HTML5 in the documentation topic (inc. subtopics) below:<br><br><em>Manual &gt; HTML Web Engine &gt; Engineering in the Editor &gt; Supported functionalities for HTML visualization<br></em><br>Good luck.<br><br>Best regards,<br>DC