View Full Version : Private Key password for Zenon OPC UA Gateway

8th May 2019, 14:47
We are working on communication between Zenon OPC UA Gateway Communication with Matrikon UA Tunneller.
We have the certificate (.der) and a private key (.pem) exported from Zenon OPC UA Gateway.
However we also need the Private Key Password that were used when developing the above certificates This password is required when importing the certificatesin Matrikon OPC Tunneller.
We hope that these certificates are standard ones from Zenon so request you check and provide the Private Key Password.

9th May 2019, 07:53
Hi&nbsp;dhanaprakashm,<br><br>To establish secure communication it should be sufficient to just import the public key of the OPC UA process gateway or place the public key of the OPC UA process gateway in the trust list of the OPC UA client. The private key, as the name implies, shall remain private to the application using the certificate. <br><br>When you start the OPC UA process gateway for the first time, it offers you to have it generate its own key pair and a self signed OPC UA application instance certificate. It is however also possible to replace this certificate with one of your own creation, provided you use the correct information in the corresponding fields.<br><br>Best regards,<br>Mark<br><br>

9th May 2019, 10:09
Hi&nbsp;dhanaprakashm,<br><br>Please also make sure that you configure the Matrikon software as an OPC UA client, since it can also be an OPC UA server itself.<br><br>When you add an OPC UA client in the Matrikon software, it most likely also already has its own application instance certificate. When you want to communicate securely, you would need to copy the application instance certificate of the Matrikon OPC UA client into the certificate trust list folder of the OPC UA server in the process gateway.<br><br>Best regards,<br>Mark