View Full Version : Web Server Pro Light Connection Issue

16th April 2019, 06:58
I have installed a Web Server Pro Light on an existing Operator V7.6 installation.<br>The tablets which connect via the web server work until either they are out of range or they loose packets for some reason (interference etc).<br><br>The issue is that once the tablets loose their connection they will not reconnect even when they are back in range. The only way we can get them to reconnect is to turn them off and then back on again.<br><br>Is there a method which I can use to get the tablets to automatically reconnect without power off and back on? Or maybe a function which would allow re-connection via a pushbutton on the screen.<br>Thanks<br>

16th April 2019, 07:34
Hi Alchall,<br><br>Clients and Web Clients constantly try to reconnect whenever the connection to the runtime server (via the web server) is lost. You can check the log files of the diagnosis server to verify that this is happening and also see, which error is logged when this does not succeed.<br><br>Possibly, the tablet does not automatically reconnect to the wifi whenever it is back in range or there is some other networking issue that prevents the client to connect to the server again.<br><br>Best regards,<br>Mark