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25th January 2019, 13:00
Hi to all,<br><br>I just want to know do we need to have Internet access if we want to complete Web Server installation?<br>I mean, is it necessary to have available full Internet access?<br><br>Best Regards,<br><br>Damir

25th January 2019, 14:41
Hello Damir,<br><br>For the Webclient / Webserver, no internet access is required. In fact we do not recommend exposing the zenon Webserver directly to the internet via public IP, port forwarding or other. <br><br>Although the Webclient can run in a browser (internet explorer), it is in fact an application and the browser is just the container application. There exists a dedicated container application to run the webclient in both a 32 bit and 64 bit version. (When running the Webclient in the browser, this is restricted to the 32 bit zenon Webclient)<br><br>The Web Server can utilize Windows' IIS to host the landing page for the Web Client, but this also is optional and for more convenience. It is not required to have an IIS hosting a landing page, in order to use the Webclient, the necessary parameters for the Webclient can also be provided e.g. through a local .html file. <br><br>Best regards,<br>Mark

25th January 2019, 15:00
Hi Mark,&nbsp;<br><br>First, thank You for answering.<br><br>So if I want ot download and run installation file, company LAN should be just fine?<br><br>And one more thing I'm interested in, from which Internet Explorer is Zenon web Server/Client supported, does there must be newest version, ar we can use IE version 9, or older?<br><br>Thanks and regards,<br>Damir

25th January 2019, 15:19
Hi Damir,<br><br>I suggest you also look at the Webclient starter application, instead of a browser. While tests are performed with the latest version IE 11, the Webclient may also still run with older versions of IE.<br><br>Typically, the Webserver and Webclients would be installed in the OT network. When the Webclient is to be used in the IT (office / company) network, you can install the Webserver in the DMZ between the OT network and the company network and use the Webclient in the IT network.<br><br>Of course you can always involve your local IT department and discuss your use case.<br><br>Best regards,<br>Mark

25th January 2019, 15:24
Ok,&nbsp;<br><br>Thank You.<br><br><br>Regards,<br>Damir