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28th May 2018, 13:09
Hi,<br><br>I was wondering, how exactly am i suppose to configure process gateway to send all its values to a specific ip-address when i'm using it in redundancy mode?<br><br>Our customer needs to configure the recieving end so that it looks at a specific ip-address and i have 2 different ip-addresses since theres 2 servers running one instance of process gateway each.<br>If i give them the ip for the primary server the communication will die if the primary server die..<br><br>Is there a way to make a virtual ip or something? so 2 different ip-addresses are provided and out comes a 3rd adress?<br><br>Cheers

28th May 2018, 13:42
Which zenon Process Gateway are you using?

In general, if on a PC you exit zenon Runtime (or the PC would "die") then also zenon Process Gateway will exit its task - there is no source of data anymore, so how zenPG could continue to run and send something. It has data from zenon Runtime - no RT, no zenPG.

The best way to have zenPG communicating with a remote master also while loss of a Network Server (so after redundancy switch) - start zenPG on zenon Network Client. The process data on Network Clients is exactly the same as on Network Servers, so zenPG on Net-Client will deliver to remote master the same information. And while redundancy switch the zenon Client will automatically reconnect to Standby, as soon Standby takes over. Thus, zenPG running on Net-Client will be shortly able to continue data transmission.