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6th April 2018, 09:51
Hi all,

we are running a SICAM 230 7.00 and currently had Process Gateway installed by our supplier to get OPC UA access to SICAM's tags. There are approx. 3000 tags we added to the OPC UA address space which automatically got the namespace index 80.
When connecting to the OPC UA server with UaExpert client we are able to browse the server and see all required values. But now there's our data acquisition software, which requires the written namespace URI in its configuration - but it seems that no URI for namespace 80 exists. There are only entries for namespaces 0, 1, 2 in the server's NamespaceArray:
So how is the URI of namespace 80? Or what other options do we have? Can the tags be transferred to one of the exisiting namespaces? How would that be done without having to change the namespace index manually for 3000 tags in the Process Gateway's variable configuration?

Thank you for any advice.
Best regards,

6th April 2018, 11:06
Hello Mirko,<br><br>Thanks for your post and welcome to the forum!<br><br>It is a known issue in 7.00 that there is no entry in the server NamespaceArray for the index 80. Most OPC UA clients can handle this situation. <br><br>What you can try is use notepad to open the file zenprocgateway.ini (use windows explorer to open the directory %cd_system%) that stores your OPC UA server address space configuration. <br><br>Then use search / replace to change the namespace for the variables from 80 to 2. (search for "=80:" and replace with "=2:". This will change the namespace of the variables to 2. Some pre-defined folders however will remain in the server address space with namespace 80.<br><br>Make sure to create a backup of the file prior to editing, in case something goes wrong.<br><br>Best regards,<br>Mark

6th April 2018, 11:30
Hi Mark,<br><br>thank you for this quick and helpful answer. This seems to work and solves our problem!<br><br>Have a nice weekend,<br>mirko