View Full Version : Web Server 6.51 and 7.20 on the same PC

23rd January 2018, 22:53
Dear support<br>I want to ask, if I can have Web Server ver.6.51 ( already running) and ver 7.20 on the same PC?<br>Installation of 7.20 version started but failed.<br>If not. If I have to uninstall Web Server ver.6.51 and then install Web Server ver7.20,&nbsp; can I have Web Server 7.20 running together with Runtime version 6.51?<br>Thanks a lot<br>Jaroslav<br>

24th January 2018, 17:11
Hi Jaroslav,

Unfortunately, you won't be able to do this. As there is no startup tool for the webserver you should not have multiple versions of the webserver on your PC.
The webserver can be the same version (or lower) as the runtime so you are able to do what you mentioned with the runtime and webserver as well.

EDIT: Was wrong on the webserver issue. You can have a lower webserver than the runtime. It's important to mention though that the web client needs to be at or above the runtime version though.